Las Vegas pictures :)

Pubblicato: luglio 20, 2009 da annyo84 in News in evidenza

Preparatevi per bellissime foto fatte al concerto di Las Vegas!!! Le foto poco chiare sono le mie(  la mia macchina fotografica non e’un granche’ ah ah Lol) invece quelle piu’belle sono state fatte da Mary 🙂

(My pics are the the first two and the all the ones that are not clear LOL the others are Mary’s pics)



  1. Trish ha detto:

    Anny what lovely pictures you and Mary took and soooo many !!! 🙂 Thanks so much !! 🙂 and it was great to meet you !! Hope to see you again soon !

  2. HoustonRufus ha detto:

    Awesome pictures! Hope you had fun! I KNOW you did!!

  3. karin ha detto:

    Annyyyyyyyyyyy! It was so great to finally meet you!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures… they are beautiful! Las Vegus was AWESOME!! I hope to see you at another show soon!


  4. annyo84 ha detto:

    Thank you guys!!!
    Meeting you was great!!! Sadly i won’t go to any other dates of the tour this summer..but maybe we’ll be able to see eachother at some winter ones ah ah 🙂
    Thanx for supporting this site with your visits

  5. sweetonda ha detto:

    Love your pictures! Such great shots! Thank you for sharing them.


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