Intervista di David Archuleta per Idol Chatter

Pubblicato: settembre 23, 2010 da Lil Mermaid Alex in News in evidenza
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E’ stata diffusa una recente intervista che David Archuleta ha rilasciato per “Idol Chatter“.

Vi proponiamo di seguito una parte del testo, potete leggere la versione integrale dell’intervista qui.

Idol Chatter: I interviewed you last December and, at that time, you said you wanted to put more of yourself  in the second album. Do you feel like you accomplished that, and why?

David: I do, actually. I am actually really happy about that. The lyrics are just a lot more in tune with who I am as a person. I think (they will allow) a lot of people to connect with the more thoughtful and the lighter, goofier side of me.

Chatter: So, how many of the songs do you have songwriting credits on?

David: Ten of them. I was really excited. And the songs I didn’t write (“Complain” and “Falling Stars”), I still felt they were good additions. One of them is a really beautiful song. It’s not as much about my personality as it is about singing a very emotional, heartfelt song. The other one is a song I totally believe in. I feel like it’s my song because it’s something I believe in so much and it has a good message.




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